You have tax issues – we contribute our know-how

Tax consulting

Our consulting expertise covers all kinds of taxes and duties, such as income and profits taxes, asset and capital taxes, property gains and transfer taxes, inheritance and gift taxes, Value Added Tax, social security charges, including inter-cantonal and international fiscal law.

Our range of services includes inter alia:

  • Corporate restructuring (conversions, mergers, de-mergers, establishment of holding structures, Joint Ventures, etc.)
  • Tax optimal structuring of sales and purchase of businesses (including Tax Due Diligence reviews)
  • Tax consulting in connection with property
  • Accounting advice from a tax perspective
  • Corporate recapitalisations
  • Succession planning for entrepreneurs, incl. Management Buy-outs
  • Support in succession planning
  • Employee participation schemes
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax consulting and planning for individuals
  • Representation in appeal procedures
  • Tax opinions, Second opinions
  • Drafting tax returns (on request with tax representation)

As a tax boutique we are also familiar with the related areas of business and legal consulting. For example, we support our clients in the purchase and sale of businesses, corporate valuation, investment, financing or liquidity issues or in contractual or company law matters. If the business and legal consulting topics are complex and require in-depth specialist knowledge, we cooperate closely with our clients’ representatives or with specialists from our broad network.


«Committed means that we get to the bottom of the problems and look for effective solutions for our clients.»


«Integrity means that in our dealings with people and in our actions we are honest, genuine and transparent.»